Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Sacred Heart

The Sacred Heart
By Rion

The aspiration of life is to be one with the one. The advent of distraction has simply been created to control the path back to the light. In this experiment called duality new programs were allowed to play in the construct of creator. The game was simple convert and take as many light beings as possible to serve their own selfish purposes. By using the lower bandwidth s they began to construct a reality based on illusion. In doing so many Light beings were tricked into service through guilt, pain, and being ashamed. The fear program was also implemented to create a fear of the after life and a fear of one’s own mortal dearth. When in truth a light beings soul is eternal and burns eternal regardless of what energy is applied to it. The creation of mind space was to sub vent heart space and the feeling of love. This was lights main obstacle.. Even the wicked beings at their core are still from creator, however in order to thrive they need hosts to supplement their own power and energy needs. This is done through consciousnesses for our entire existence is based on conscious energy. Basically energy with a purpose. What has been forgotten is the connection to all through your heart and that all beings truly are one. One collective, One Energy all based from the ONE.

To remove yourself from the control construct certain decisive paths must be chosen. At the core choose the Light over the dark. Choose the Light over shadow. Choose love over hate. Choose oneness over separation, Choose bliss over misery, Choose freedom over enslavement. The path you walk is the advent of your life choices and the experiences you have attained over thousands of incarnations on planet and off planet. These experiences are used to guide you as a reminder to not repeat the same mistakes that may have slowed your ascension in the past. To come from your heart is a Light beings greatest strength, and in knowing that love conquers all. Understanding every life lived has a divine plan at its core. The game comes into play whether the player will listen to their heart over all else. This is your test. One of the hardest tests planet earth has to offer. To remain in your Heart regardless of what negativity is thrown in your way. This is the true measure of being divine and a true representative of the Light.. In knowing that we all have parts to play in this game called Life remember that many of you asked to be tested in this manner. Why? Because you knew above all else that you could be tossed into darkness and come back to the light. You knew your true merit and divinity could never be broken and that you are of the LIGHT. To seek the path to enlightenment one must make a decision to change for the better and in doing so raise their individual vibration. For in raising their vibration they help all of those attached to their hearts. And when enough light beings remember who they truly are the future on this planet will once again become limitless. The board has been set since the moment of your birth. Since the birth of Time. Since the beginning of conscious life. To choose to create and not manipulate you can create the most beautiful and harmonious things imaginable, and not imaginable. Your journey is the direct relation to balancing the following:

Your Emotional Body
Your Etheric Body
Your Energy Body
Your Mind
Your vessel
Your consciousness
Your Divine spark from Creator/God

For the mind is used to configure and help explain the reality you are aware of however to understand that the true magic lye’s behind the scenes. But you first have to ask yourself the question. Where does the power of manifestation come from, and how do you attain such a gift? The answer is quiet simple. Create from your heart; Create from your divine spark and all will be available to you. If you choose to create for selfish reasons then the latter is your outcome. The consequence and Karma of your creation will follow you. Not only in this life but future lifetimes and timelines. The goal is to create without a negative consequence. To create beauty. To create harmony. To create oneness. To be of service. To aid your brothers and sisters to love unconditionally and when called upon defend what is most precious. YOUR INNOCENCE.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011



CRYSTAL GENERATION: Age 23 to Present Day
Beings incarnated holding a higher vibration.

Development: Increased awareness and dimensional abilities to project themselves and spread light, love and ensure a smooth and permanent 5th Dimensional structure.
Purpose: To maintain the higher vibration necessary.

Incarnated with elements positive and negative in order to reflect and modify the 3rd Dimensional reality towards re-joining a higher vibration of consciousness.

Development: is governed/monitored by the intent and awareness of individuals as they discover their purpose through tests and lessons necessary in their remembering their true form and connection to the higher dimensions of reality and understanding their connection to them.

Indigos are here to help make the way for the crystals to hold the structure of love and abundance. This time periods for allowance from the universe is necessary in fully understanding the influences of negative content which need to be adjusted. Indigos individual transition through processing themselves in service to all and eventually waking up to the light is pertinent intel for the Crystals to not repeat and the solution drawn from the Collective Consciousness and the most benevolent plan to effectively carry their transition to completion.

Concepts to Consider


Understand there is more to this reality then meets the eye
In 3D your reality is only perceived as clear as your optics can process to your chemical computer
You true is only your pineal gland, is the lens necessary to pierce the veil of this illusion
All true wisdom is earned
The choice to evolve/ascend cannot be forced upon anyone else, this is your own choice for this a free will planet, this is your journey, your path to walk
Your intent governs your focus. Your focus governs your acceleration through this transition period

No being ever dies. The vessel is only no longer useable, energy can never go away, the soul never goes away. It is always existence. It simply changes form.
Never judge anyone on their path, they may be in a different place then you, but it is not better or worse. Source experiences itself in a variety of ways.

What is ascension?
Ascension is the transition of a being in to a higher state of consciousness.  Ascension reflects all aspects of consciousness as the being evolves towards enlightenment.  Enlightenment is the understanding that all things are connected and in that knowingness we are one.  Knowingness is the ability to see through the veil of the construct and grasp the deeper meaning of life.  The construct here on earth is created by sound and light, which is then given form through consciousness and in this consciousness existence, is being created and experienced simultaneously.   But due to the fourth dimensional subconscious barrier creation and experience are known as separate.  The creation element is often realized through manifestation of positive or negative thought forms.  This brings me to my next topic...

What is multi-dimensional awareness?
This type of awareness is being able to listen to your inner voice.  Understanding that to reach the next level of awareness a training regiment must exist to actively change ones life into falling into alignment into ones highest intent.  In developing your knowingness the questions you seek answers to will change/evolve.  In developing the new found freedom of awareness, responsibilities of ones actions are president, as is their understanding of wrong decisions in the past.   In processing the memories of this life, you will then begin to process the lives of your higher selves and decisions they have made.  

 In processing these elements you bring all aspects of your consciousness into alignment. To accelerate through this process the removal of negativity and past karma is necessary in advancing out of the 3d construct into an understanding of the infinite knowledge that exists beyond the veil.

Level One Awareness:
When first awakening to your surroundings of this reality you begin to understand you do not exist alone on this planet.  As living here and experiencing this life you perceive the world in five senses.  There are other avenues of awareness that are interpreted as intuition, gut feeling, or sixth sense.  These are the beginning stages of tapping into multi-dimensional awareness.  The trick is to become more aware within everyday life and trusting in your intuition on a daily basis.  Once this trust is established with the ego/mind, greater awareness can be established.

These are the building blocks or foundation needed to overcome the programs in place in this 3D consciousness.  The more focus you put into this awareness, the more you will realize you are able to reprogram this construct/reality.  The key is to ask question and not to just accept what you are told by anyone.  The key is to find the answers within your own soul construct.  You will soon begin to realize that you do not exist solely on this plane but on many levels of existence.

Level Two Awareness:
You will begin to realize that each dimension has a unique construct of consciousness which is directly connected to you.  Even though they are on a higher dimension this does not make them better than you, more intelligent than you, or able to make the correct choices for you in this life.

Each being is experiencing life in the form of which ever dimension they exist.  Choosing to be here in 3D is a major responsibility and makes us equal on all levels.  Only when you look to your highest self can you find the guidance you need.  You may find that you show some of your higher selves the wisdom of listening to the highest.  Being here in 3D is not a punishment; it is a root level that allows change on every dimension.  You may find that you must process beliefs, emotions, and karma of your higher selves so that you may grow and all ascend simultaneously.

Level Three Awareness
Requires Ears (Throat Chakra, and Eyes (3rd Eye-Pineal Gland). You must understand the foundational structure of the reality that you are taking part in. That reality being 3D Earth at present. You must understand you are a being of light bound by 16 levels of Kryst Consciousness that allows a light being to exist in a 3rd dimensional form.  You must understand the fundamentals of how your body works. You must understand how to use and activate your chakras and energy bodies. To be able to reach the fifth dimensional construct you must be able to let go of the illusion of 3d reality.

A multidimensional being understands that all dimensions are created equally; that within each of those dimensions the balance and meter is governed is metered by the ability of that being to come from their heart. In coming from your heart, you must understand that love and unity is necessary in joining the collective consciousness of a higher level of existence. This is direct contact with their highest, through sight, sensation or audio, which is a graduated level from intuition. Specific information can be gathered in a conscious communication.

For Example;
At level one, your intuition says not to walk down that street. At level three you understand that there is a danger, it involves 2 people that will cause you harm, down that street.